Instant Chiller – Chester Jensen



  • To provide a sanitary means to instantly, continuously, and safely chill water, brine, glycols and other homogenous fluids to within 1ºF of their freezing point.


  • Open or closed type cabinets, available in both type 304 and type 316 stainless steel.
  • Special chiller modules, without collection reservoirs, to interface directly with customer’s existing product cooling equipment.
  • All evaporator plates are ASME certified for operation at 200 PSIG at 200ºF.
  • Refrigerant controls available for use with Ammonia (R-717), Freon (R-22), or other alternative refrigerants.
  • Customized reservoirs can be provided to accommodate all system requirements.
  • Chillers are available in a wide range of capacities from as little as three tons to as large as 750 tons.


  • The unique internal construction features inherent in the “Short Gas Flow” plate design minimizes refrigerant pressure drop, facilitates rapid evacuation and replacement of spent vapor, assures highest possible heat transfer coefficient and maximizes tons per horsepower ratio.
  • “Deep drawn” cross-sectional profile of the “Short Gas Flow” evaporator plate increases fluid “time-in residence” allowing extremely wide range, single pass cooling, negating the need for costly and inefficient recirculation.
  • Design eliminates possibility of equipment damage due to inadvertent freeze-up.
  • Removable front and side covers of open type unit provide easy access for cleaning and inspection.
  • Modular cabinet design facilitates the installation of additional heat exchange surface as increased requirements dictate.


  • Cooling ingredient water for dough preparation in bakeries; wort preparation in breweries; fruit flavored drinks in dairies and other applications requiring cold ingredient water.
  • Cooling mandated make-up water in USDA regulated poultry and turkey eviscerating plants.
  • As recirculating “Red Water” chillers in poultry and turkey plants.
  • Cooling brines, marinades and other injectable solutions in meat and poultry operations.
  • Cooling recirculated process loops (water or brine) used in conjunction with spray or immersion systems designed for chilling smoked meats, poultry, seafood, pasta and a nearly unlimited variety of flexible packaged food products.
  • Pre-cooling returning process loop water in support of an under-sized ice builder.


  • Two standard cooling sections — 21 and 32 corrugations.
  • Standard unit sizes to accommodate multiples of four cooling sections.