Cone Bottom, Center Outlet Processor – Walker



The Walker Model PZ-CB processor is a multi-purpose unit designed to handle products such as sour cream, chip dips, yogurt, salad dressings, relishes, lotions, etc. The PZ-CB processors are also found in applications such as melt tanks in the food processing industry.

The PZ-CB cone bottom center outlet processor meets national and United States Public Health Service requirements and the 3A Sanitary Standards for batch processors.

It features a cone bottom, pitched to a center outlet and a process agitator assembly, typically scraper type with removable molded nylon blades which continuously wipe the bottom and sidewalls to blend the product, increase heat transfer efficiency and to aid in unloading.  The PZ-CB is also designed for CIP.

The stainless steel heat transfer jacket, covering the sidewalls and bottom, may be divided into 3 or 4 (depending on size) separately controllable zones for maximum efficiency, flexibility and control when processing partial batches. The heat transfer jacket is designed for operating pressures up to 100 psig @ 320°F as standard; higher operating pressures and ASME & CRN code stamping are available.

The Model PZ-CB is available in several different configurations including:

  • Standard atmospheric cone bottom tank processor
  • Sealed agitator port for pressure and/or vacuum processing.

Standard sizes from 200 to 3000 gallons and larger, however vessels as small as 10 gallons and as large as 10,000 gallons have been fabricated for certain applications.

The PZ-CB will be designed to the specific needs of the process application.  Options include:


    • Standard – stainless steel, #4 polish side & bottom scrape assembly designed for CIP operation & ease of disassembly. Removable scrapers of nylon with viton o-ring retainers.
    • Ryton scraper blades for high temperature applications – up to 300 deg F
    • Side & Bottom Sweep
    • Offset baffle with Scraper Blade Agitator
    • Offset turbine with Scraper Blade Agitator
    • Finger Baffle with Scraper Blade Agitator
    • Counter rotating Agitator with Scraper Blade Agitator.
  • Further details please refer to the data sheet “Agitator Options for Process Vessels”
    • Standard – 30° cone
      • OPTIONAL
        • 15° cone
        • Other configurations of cone available upon request
    • Standard – 304 stainless steel top dome, inner side wall and inner bottom.
        • T316L stainless steel top dome, inner side wall and inner bottom