Horizontal Agitator – Feldmeier Equipment


Feldmeier’s Horizontal CIP-able Agitator is USDA accepted and designed for use in 3-A Silos and Storage Tanks. The patented design features sanitary internal construction to ensure effective CIP that does not require user adjustment. It is the simplest design in the industry with (1) moving part making it easy to disassemble and easy to install in new or existing vessels. Feldmeier’s standard design is suitable for milk, skim milk, cream, half & half and infant formula. By standardizing on an oversized prop that our competitors option, we can effectively agitate product at low speeds to minimize foaming.

Feldmeier Equipment offers a wide range of options on all its agitation systems including:

  • Single and Double Mechanical Seals
  • C-Face and Stainless Steel Motors
  • Food-grade & Special Lubricants
  • Inverter Duty Motors