Multi Mixer – Walker


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gitation designs to fit processing requirements

Simply ingenious. That’s the easier way to describe the combination of the bottom mounted Walker impeller system with the scraper agitator of the mixing tank design. Because they’re designed to offer you a range of options…from gentle handling of sensitive foods to chopping options that can handle even semi-frozen materials with ease.  We design and manufacture all of our impeller blades to work in harmony with the entire mixer system, and address your processing needs with precision. And, of course, they’re easy to change or service.

Walker’s Multi-mixer™ is a high shear mixing tank with much more than the name implies because it actually does the work of multiple pieces of equipment.

  • High speed mixing of heavy-bodied, viscous products.
  • Efficient chopping of mixture components (from room-temperature to near-frozen) to quickly form a uniform slurry.
  • Gentle agitation for even the most fragile food products.
  • Concurrent heating or cooling of any product being mixed.

This kind of flexibility is made possible by a combination of design features that work together to provide unprecedented flexibility.

Combination side/bottom scrapers prevent burn-on, speed clean-up
An independent drive powers the Multi-mixer’s integral scraping system.  Durable molded nylon blades provide a constant scrape-down on the sides and conical bottom to prevent burn-on, speed heat transfer, simplify cleaning, and keep all particulates in suspension.

Heavy-duty baffle optimizes mixing action
A stainless steel baffle is standard on the Multi-mixer. Essential to creating the optimum internal flow characteristics, the baffle accommodates the mixing dynamics of any type of emulsion…from the most viscous to the most delicate.

Heat transfer system
Walker has been a pioneer in engineering heating and/or cooling jacket systems that minimize maintenance and power consumption. For the Multi-mixer, these systems can be optimized to your processing needs, including multi-zone designs precisely tailored to your unique requirements.

Impeller drive options

gives you the freedom to choose, and select the drive advantages that best fit your operation.

Standard right angle, belt-drive: This option provides effective isolation of the drive motor from impeller loads, while delivering the additional advantage of simplified control of impeller speed through changing impeller or motor pulleys and/or electronic motor control. Plus, the drive motor is easily accessible for routine maintenance.

Optional direct drive: The Multi-mixer can also be configured with direct impeller drive. The approach delivers less transfer power loss, the simplicity of fewer moving parts and simplified maintenance. Yet impeller speed can still be controlled through electronic motor control.

Multi-mixer is ideal for…


  • Sauces
  • Dips
  • Syrups
  • Batters
  • Candy Mixes
  • Fortified Drink Mixes
  • Starch or Nutrient Slurries
  • Powder Reconstitution
  • Cosmetics