M-5000TS Thermostatically Controlled Mixing Unit – Strahman


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The Model M-5000TS lets you combine steam and cold water to produce hot water efficiently — without the safety concerns normally associated with steam use. Allowing for a maximum water temperature of 200°F, the automatic unit includes an easy-to-use temperature gauge that senses even slight variations to monitor water temperature accurately. The M-5000TS unit’s thermostatically designed safety shut-off valve prevents the unit from overheating, and the thermostat is hydraulically formed, liquid-filled bellows. Strahman also offers its new M-5000TS Conversion Kit, which will retrofit the original M-5000 mixing unit to provide the same operating ranges and temperatures, as well as a thermostat that prevents temperature fluctuations. Backed by Strahman’s two-year warranty.