Multi Tube Heat Exchanger – Feldmeier Equipment



The Feldmeier Multi-Tube Heat Exchanger consists of several inner tubes in a single outer media tube constructed in a welded hairpin arrangement to allow for thermal expansion. The heating or cooling medium travels in one direction through the outer tube and the product flows in the opposite direction through the inner tubes in counter flow fashion Removable 180º bends insure the inner tubes are completely accessible from one end of the heat exchanger and are internally supported to eliminate tube sag. Available tube sizes are 1/2″ OD and 3/4″ OD inner product tubes in quantities of 4 to 33 tubes, arranged in outer media tubes ranging from 2-1/2″ OD to 6″ OD.

Because of the welded design and fewer parts, Multi-Tubes can be a more cost effective choice. Also, many applications are better suited to a Multi-Tube rather than a Double Tube or Triple Tube for product and spatial considerations. Multi-Tubes can be used for processing milk, liquid foods, beverages, concentrates and pharmaceuticals.