Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger – Chester Jensen




    Provides a safe, sanitary and efficient method of transferring heat from one fluid medium or product to another as the two streams pass on opposing sides of the intervening plates. Units may be configured for heating with steam or hot water, cooling with chilled water, brines or glycol solutions, or the heating and cooling, by regeneration, of fluids having diverse temperatures.


  • Heavy-duty, precisely designed frames available in SOLID stainless steel or specially coated carbon steel.
  • Both metal-to-metal and gasket supported plate designs available in either type 304 or type 316 stainless steel.
  • Single piece gaskets, molded from a variety of formulated elastomers, are selected to best meet application requirements.
  • Gaskets are bonded to plates, without cracks or crevices, for trouble-free service, yet are easily replaced, in the field, without the need for special tools or chemicals.
  • Standard 6 bolt type closure with optional mechanical spindle or hydraulic assist closures available.
  • Differential operating pressures to 150 PSIG.
  • Computer designed configurations to process single, dual or multiple fluids and/or duties simultaneously.


  • Unique gasket design prevents intermingling of opposing streams by directing any leaking fluid to the outside of the unit.
  • Modular design facilitates restreaming of heat exchanger to accommodate expanding or changing loads.
  • Controlled turbulence created by an exclusive method of accelerating and decelerating the flow over each gasket supported plate assures the highest rate of heat transfer even at relatively low pressure drop and velocity.
  • When required, higher allowable differential operating pressures permit increased fluid velocities and turbulence.
  • All plate surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized safely and effectively by properly designed in-place recirculation systems.
  • All units easily opened for thorough internal inspection.


    Use in all types of fluid heat transfer applications for a wide variety of industries including dairy, bakery, beverage, brewery, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and HVAC.