Silo Agitators – Walker


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Walker Engineered Products offers a variety of agitation options for the vertical storage vessels and dairy silos to suit each product application.


Horizontal Agitators for Silos:

Walker Engineered Products has developed a unique horizontal agitator that is USDA accepted for mechanical cleaning for use in 3-A dairy silos & storage vessels. During CIP, the one-piece stainless steel body and agitator shaft assembly is connected to the CIP supply line. This forces CIP solution through the assembly and, via a specially contoured nose, directs pressurized flow to effectively clean the impeller blades. The unique one-piece construction eliminates internal threads. The self-lubricated internal plastic bushing is grooved for effective flow, minimal maintenance and cleanability. This provides a self-lubricated bearing surface between the shaft and body housing. The sanitary internal construction is free from internal springs, unsanitary crevices, and threads for more effective CIP flow-through cleaning. The simplicity of the design ensures that all basic components can be removed in just a few minutes to facilitate full inspection of all internal parts.

USDA accepted mechanically cleaned horizontal agitator assembly for use in 3-A dairy silos & storage tanks