Standard Hose Reels – Strahman


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Strahman’s spring rewind hose reels, in stainless steel or carbon steel models, make winding and rewinding our heavy-duty water hose quick and efficient, and provide hose storage and protection. Our reels are equipped with a heavy-duty internal spring motor for effortless winding and rewinding. A sturdy ratchet assembly locks the reel when the desired length of hose has been pulled out; a gentle tug on the hose will unlock the reel and trigger the spring motor to retract the hose. Each hose includes a ball stop to prevent damage to the hose reel rollers and our spray nozzle.

These convenient and sturdy hose reels can be installed on the floor, wall or ceiling, and come equipped with or without the standard Strahman Hose Assembly R or RS (with stainless steel or bronze fittings and nozzles). This hose assembly includes our 5/8″ I.D. heavy-duty water hose, in black, red or white with our water saver spray nozzle. Ceiling mount might require a special heavy-duty spring.