Liqui-Mixer – Walker


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The Liqui-mixer™ combines simple design with ingenious engineering to provide the perfect solution for mixing light to medium bodied products. Easy to use, and easy to maintain, it’s the perfect solution for a variety of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical product applications.

Mixing tank design begins with geometry.  Using the simple square configuration that provides optimal flow properties without internal baffling, the impeller pulls product from the top center of the tank to the bottom, then forces it up the side to the surface for recirculation. Repeating this process many times per minute, the Liqui-mixer assures complete hydration to dissolve solids or semi-solids quickly and efficiently. In fact, any product that can be dissolved by agitation can be put into complete solution in 1 to 3 minutes!

Liqui-mixer™ features include:

Flexible drive options
Simple design does not preclude sophisticated choices when it comes to impeller drives.With the Liqui-mixer™, you can choose between:

Direct Drive: A direct coupling of motor and impeller delivers simple economics and nodrive train power loss. A two-speed motor is optional, and speed control can be furtherenhanced through electronic motor control. Fewer parts means less maintenance…andmore peace of mind.

Right angle belt-drive: If you want a higher degree of mechanical control, right angle offset belt drive can be your answer. In isolating the motor from the impeller via the belt, loads are more effectively removed from direct impact on the motor itself. Plus, by varying pulley combinations, speed control is affected by simple mechanical means.  This system also allows for a lower-profile mixing unit for installations where overall height is a consideration.

Materials of Construction options
Standard design is 304, but the unit is also available in 316L.

Sealed bearings
Drive shaft bearings are sealed against external contaminants and require minimal maintenance.

Heating/cooling options
Choose between temperature control on sides, bottom, or both. With a working pressure of temperature control medium up to 100 PSI.

Liqui-mixer is ideal for…

  • Light to medium bodied food mixes
  • Chemicals
  • Personal Care Products
  • Beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Confections
  • Bakery products