Ice Builder – Chester Jensen



  • By storing refrigerating effect, in the form of ice, these units provide the single most efficient means of accommodating every possible process load that relies on recirculated cold water as its heat exchange medium.


  • Air agitation of water in the unit provides:
    1) even distribution of ice melting during consumption period and
    2) uniform formation of higher density ice during the freezing recovery phase.
  • Ice storage capacities ranging from 1,000 pounds (12 TH) to 142,000 pounds (1704 TH).
  • Available for both flooded Ammonia (R717) and Direct Expansion Freon (R22 or alternative) operation.
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Insulated steel tank containing a coil matrix of heavy wall (Schedule 40) steel pipe with stainless steel air distribution header.
  • Interlocking steel covers insulated for outdoor operation.
  • Internal baffling with adjustable by-pass gate controls return water flow to maximize access to latent storage.
  • Units provided complete with packaged high volume/low pressure air blower, refrigeration controls, automatic ice thickness control and optional water level control.


  • Cooling system equipment can be sized for average rather than peak demand requirements allowing for lower initial investment costs.
  • Rebuilding of ice during off-peak hours reduces day-to-day operating costs by taking maximum advantage of favorable local electric utility rates.
  • Provides a continuous unlimited source of 33ºF cold water.
  • Operation is typically fully automatic eliminating the need for full-time personnel attendance.


  • Reliable continuous supply of low temperature water for daily industrial process cooling loads.
  • In company with sanitary plate and frame heat exchangers, ice builders provide a continuous supply of chilled water for cooling dairy products, beverages, baked goods, and a wide variety of flexible packaged food products.
  • Latent storage units as applied within the HVAC industry.

Note: Many ice builder applications can be expanded and enhanced when augmented with factory installed “SGF” Instant Chillers. Please check with the factory for details.


  • Standard ice storage capacity from 1,000 to 142,000 lbs.